How to Protect Your Home Deliveries from Porch Pirates

In the past few years we’ve seen the rise of a new kind of theft that nearly anyone could fall victim to. ‘Porch pirates’ are thieves who swoop in to steal delivery packages off of front porches, and they’re getting more common as more households rely on delivery services for anything from food to furniture. Here are a few of our best tips to protect your packages from these sneaky thieves. 

Common Porch Pirate Tactics

Porch pirates are more organized than you might think. In fact they have a variety of tactics they use to get their hands on packages as soon as possible. Some will follow delivery trucks around all day so they can steal packages as soon as they’re delivered. Porch pirates sometimes work together to share information on deliveries, and most of them have learned how to identify packages with expensive electronics so they don’t have to worry about stealing a package only to find a pair of socks inside.

Require A Signature Upon Delivery

One way you can protect your deliveries from porch pirates is to contact the delivery service and ask if you can require a signature upon delivery. This is inconvenient for anyone who has to leave their home for work, school, or anything else throughout the day, but it’s a great added security measure for anyone who works from home or has a family member who can sign. This will ensure your package gets inside your home right away, rather than sitting on your porch for an uncertain amount of time.

Track Your Order Closely

If the company you’ve ordered from offers package tracking, take advantage of it. If you can, have notifications about your package sent to your phone so you know how far away it is. If you have a home security system, use the front door camera to know exactly when the package arrives.

Stop Shipping Packages to Your Home

Another option is to choose another location to send your packages to. This could be your work, a neighbor’s house, or a family member’s house. This is another way to make sure your package isn’t left on your doorstep, even if you aren’t at home all day. Be sure to ask before you ship packages to your work or another person’s house, and make sure that person will be home at the time the package should arrive. Have this person sign for the package so it gets taken inside right away, and ask them to text or call you after they receive it. 

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