Staying Safe from Home Intruders

No matter how safe your neighborhood is, it’s normal to worry about the security of your home. You should feel safe and protected from intruders in your own house, so here are our best tips for improving your home’s outdoor security.

Check for Weaknesses Around Your Home

Take a walk around the outside of your home. Think like a home intruder: are there any weak spots or easy access areas? Are there any low or unlocked windows? Can you see any valuable items from outside of your windows? Where could an intruder hide or see your family? So you have any valuable items, like a bike or grill, out in your yard for burglars to steal? 

Try hanging curtains in your windows so burglars can’t monitor you or see your valuable items. Make sure any expensive things in your yard are locked up in a garage or shed, and try to eliminate any spots a burglar could hide in. Make sure all your windows are locked and can’t be opened from the outside.

Secure Your Exterior

Of course, the best way to keep your home safe from intruders is to install a security system in your home. These systems help secure your home, both inside and outside, with 24/7 cameras and alarms to alert you of possible intruders. If you’re interested in getting a security system for your home, 360 Alarms can help.

Reduce Possible Hiding Spots

Pay attention to any areas outside your house where a burglar could hide. Tall shrubs, for instance, make a great hiding spot and should be trimmed regularly for that reason. Make sure you have as few blind spots around your house as possible. If your home is two stories, cut tree limbs back from your upper windows so burglars can’t use them to gain access to your house.

Keep an Eye on Your Home

The sight of security cameras on your home’s exterior is a big deterrent for burglars and intruders, and a video surveillance system can help you keep an eye on your home when you aren’t there. This can come in handy if you have kids or pets who need to be checked in on when you aren’t home. If your home is broken into, your cameras might have enough evidence to help officers catch the suspect. Most home security cameras now connect to apps you can get on your smartphone, which allows you to check in on your home wherever you are.

24/7 Security Monitoring With 360 Alarm

360 Alarm offers commercial and residential home security and fire safety systems with a professional installation and 24/7 monitoring so you can keep your house or business protected. We serve thousands of satisfied clients in the DFW Metroplex area with a range of different security systems to fit your needs. Take greater control of your safety and gain peace of mind when you get stellar home and business security with 360 Alarms. Call or visit our website to schedule an appointment today!