Tips for Making Your Neighborhood A Safer Place

Everyone wants to feel safe in their own house, and living in a safe neighborhood is a big part of that security. Residents can play a big role in making their neighborhood safer for everyone if they work together and do what they can. If you don’t feel secure in your own neighborhood, take action to change it. Here’s our best advice for making your neighborhood a better, safer place to live.

Connect With Your Neighbors

When residents connect with their neighbors, they might automatically feel safer. Simply reaching out to new neighbors, as well as those who’ve been around longer than you, can build trust and make it easier for the neighborhood to team up with the goal of protecting each other and reporting suspicious activities. 

If you don’t want to reach out in person, technology still gives you different ways to connect. Set up a Facebook group for your neighborhood if there isn’t one already, or connect using the free NextDoor app. This will allow you to warn your neighbors of suspicious activities, identify and return lost pets, and even plan or announce neighborhood events like garage sales.

Get Your Own Home Security System

As a member of your neighborhood, you have the power to scare burglars off with your own home security system. When getting ready to break into a house, burglars often survey the property for security cameras and home security signs in the lawn. One secured house in an entire neighborhood could be enough to ward off intruders and keep your community protected. You can also post any worrying videos or pictures your system catches on the neighborhood’s Facebook page to warn your neighbors, and your other neighbors can use their security systems to do the same thing.

Invest in Smart Technology

The best home security systems will send alerts to your smartphone when any suspicious activity is detected, and some even allow your neighbors to be recipients as well. If you’re comfortable with it, this can be a great tool for keeping your neighbors updated and building trust with them. Your next door neighbors would probably really appreciate this clarity, especially if they don’t have their own security systems. This can also be useful for your neighbors to watch your home and keep you updated while you’re out of town. 

24/7 Home Security With 360 Alarm

Every homeowner wants to do what they can to protect their home, and that includes lending a hand in protecting your neighborhood. With 360 Alarms, you can do both! Our security system is designed to keep you updated on any possible threats to the safety of your home. We make the process of choosing and installing your home security system a breeze by offering all the help you need along the way. 360 Alarm gives you peace of mind and allows you to protect yourself, your family, and your neighbors. For more information, or to schedule a consultation, call or visit our website today!