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We are a Dallas/Fort Worth based Home and Business Security and Fire systems dealer, serving the DFW metroplex.

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About 360 Alarm

The core purpose of our company has always been to give our clients the safety, security, and comfort they deserve to enjoy for both their home and business. We are dedicated to making sure that our purpose and vision remain continually focused on giving everyone we work with the high-quality service and support they need to feel completely confident and satisfied with their choices and decisions when it comes to deciding on a security system through us.

Our Mission

At 360 Alarm, we firmly believe in offering our clients total transparency when it comes to the design and decision-making process related to their possible security solutions, and will always stand behind the pricing options available. We understand that there is a wide variety of choices out there on the market today and that the products and services available can be challenging to choose from. To help our clients overcome this obstacle when it comes to deciding on a quality security system to meet their needs, we will make every effort to simplify the process while making sure that every aspect is as straight forward as possible.

Our Gurantee

We want to make sure that you feel fully informed about exactly what is going to be installed as part of your security package. This includes a total estimate of all costs involved, and a personalized walkthrough of the various components that may be included so that once everything is said and done, you’ll know exactly what you’re getting upfront, instead of feeling confused once the dust has settled.

We Are Here To Help.

Whether you’re interested in installing a total security system for your home or business, curious about adding additional components such as cameras, access controls, fire alarms, and other components, or just have questions related to the services and products we work with, we’re always ready to work with you. Don’t hesitate to reach out to us at any time to get more information about the security solutions we offer, and the packages we have available. By taking the time to gather some important information about your needs, expectations, and budget concerns, we are confident we can help you find a great solution to your situation.

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