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smart home systems

Home Automation and Smart Home Systems

Home automation often referred to as “smart home technology”, is the use of technology to automate various aspects and features inside your home or even your business. With automation technology, you can control almost every aspect of your property through the ever-increasing functionality of a network known as the Internet of Things (IoT). The concept

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Intrusion Detection and Systems

In today’s interconnected world, the ability to closely monitor and protect your home and business is greater than ever before. Making sure that your property is safe can be a constant concern, especially as increasing reports of nefarious activities including home invasion and brazen package theft become more commonplace. Instead of spending time worrying about

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Monitoring and Support Services

At the heart of our robust security system packages is the support offered by our industry-leading monitoring center. Our team of security experts is ready to help you around the clock, and we have people on the job 24 hours a day, 365 days a year. Our security monitoring center uses the latest technology and

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Commercial Security systems

Commercial Security Systems

360 Alarm in Grand Prairie, TX, offers flexible, technology-driven solutions for security surveillance, access control, life and fire protection, and more. Our trained professionals carefully install a sophisticated company security system and we offer 24/7 supervision to ensure the best performance. With 360 Alarm, you can take back control of your commercial properties. Making sure

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home security systems

Residential Security Systems

In today’s busy world, the ability to monitor and protect your home while on the go is more important than ever. Knowing that your property is safe can have a big impact on your peace of mind, especially because reports of dangerous activity, including home invasions and theft of packages, are becoming increasingly common in

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fire alarm installation

Fire Sprinkler and Suppression Systems

It only takes a few minutes for your home or business property to catch fire. That is why more and more property owners are turning to updated fire suppression systems which not only reduce the harmful effects but also save lives. According to the National Fire Protection Association, properly installed fire sprinkler and suppression systems

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fire alarm installation

Fire Alarm Systems

Fire alarms and fire alarm systems are the foundation of every fire system. The advanced detection capabilities provide the best possible warning in case of fire. The consequences of a faulty fire alarm system can cause loss of life and property. Fire destroys thousands of homes and businesses each year, costing billions of dollars in

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custom alarm installation

Other Systems

In addition to fire and security systems for your home or commercial property, our team of experienced installation experts can work with you to integrate several other systems into your project. From round the clock monitoring solutions to backup functions and more, a range of additional solutions and devices can be fine-tuned to meet your

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Residential Camera Systems

It’s 2021– the new security system tech on the market is outstanding. Now, homeowners across Texas can protect their homes and families from burglars. Whether you’re at work or on vacation, you want to be sure that your home is protected from threats while you’re away. 360 Alarm can help.  At 360 Alarm, we plan,

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Commercial Camera Systems

Enterprise buildings are highly vulnerable to criminal activity. With an ineffective business security system, you could put yourself and your employers at risk. A breach of any kind, including environmental threats, could compromise your safety and profitability. Luckily, 360 Alarms installs commercial camera systems for businesses of any sector. We can help you select and

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