How to Disguise Indoor and Outdoor Home Security Cameras

Security cameras are an important part of many households across the world. They can help you catch potential home intruders and make you feel safer in your home. However, most security cameras are easily noticeable and can be broken or taken down if a burglar catches sight of one. Getting creative with your indoor and outdoor security cameras helps you keep your home even more secure, and it makes them less likely to be broken or removed. Here are a few ways you can disguise your indoor and outdoor security cameras.

Use Normal Household Items

This is an easy, smart way to hide your security cameras. For indoor cameras, you can use anything from teddy bears to picture frames to tissue boxes. Just find an item that’s the right size for your camera, hide it, and then place the hidden camera somewhere near your valuable belongings.

For outdoor cameras, the best option is to hide them in a birdhouse. Just put the camera inside the birdhouse, hang it from the best tree, and make sure there’s no branches or leaves obstructing the camera’s view. Face the camera in the direction you want to keep an eye on, like your front door.

Height Matters

Indoor security cameras should be placed in higher spaces, since your average burglar isn’t very likely to look up. Use tall spaces like the tops of bookshelves, ceiling fans, or high-hanging wall art to hold your security cameras. Always test your cameras in their location to ensure there’s no obstructions in the frame.

Outdoor cameras should never be placed any lower than eight feet from the ground, as this makes them more likely to be seen and damaged or removed. However, going too much higher than nine feet can cause bad footage from your cameras. Play around with different heights until you find one that works best and isn’t noticeable.

Invest in a Doorbell Camera

Doorbell cameras are already hidden, and they’re the perfect trap for catching burglars. A burglar might be so invested in finding other security cameras near the entryway that you could get a good shot of their face and body. Doorbell cameras are also a great option for people who order a lot of packages or food delivery, since you can see who’s there without having to open the door or look through the peephole.

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